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Founder & CEO

A cafe owner who created a pocket-sized, versatile reusable lid (to replace plastic lids that take 450 years to break down) so coffee lovers could enjoy a cup of coffee without harming the planet.

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Prepare your excited faces, busy-bees, the “I forgot my cup” squad, skinny jean lovers, small-bag carriers, tree-huggers, style-icons the “sorry I'm late” club and coffee-comes-first believers far and wide. The time has come…

Lydy Has Arrived.

Reusable Cup

A Lid-le Moment Of Inspiration

Broken Cup

 “Why Isn’t There Just A Lid That Fits On Any Cup?”

Lydy is here to make sustainability sexy and, with a whole range of hot colours to choose from.

The Design

I didn't want Lydy to just be a basic lid, I specifically made a point of asking the Industrial Designers for a versatile lid that was eco friendly. Lydy had to fit all standard size take-away cups and be functional on paper, ceramic and glass. I wanted Lydy to have the ability to fit into every lifestyle with ease. 

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